Honeybush Organic Tea 20ct

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      Honeybush tea is a herbal tea from South Africa made from the leaves of the honeybush plant. It is grown on the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is closely related to Rooibos tea, which comes from the Western Cape of South Africa. The flowers of the honeybush shrub have a honey-like smell, which gives the plant and the tea its sweet-sounding name. 

      Honeybush tea is low in tannins, high in antioxidants, and caffeine free.

      Tea drinkers describe the taste of honeybush as floral, lightly roasted, and similar to honey. Although it is often compared to rooibos tea, honeybush is usually sweeter and fuller bodied. To make iced honeybush tea, follow the same instructions but pour the finished tea into a tall glass tumbler and add ice. You can also cool the tea in the refrigerator to enjoy later.

      Organic Honeybush tea

        Size  20 Teabags
       South Africa, Packaged in Canada
       Naturally Caffeine Free
       Organic Honeybush
        Brewing Time   3-4 mins
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