What is the difference between the Red and Green varieties of Rooibos?

The most common form of Rooibos tea worldwide is the 'red' variety, which is prepared through traditional methods. The tea is harvested and then dried and fermented in the sun on drying pads for several hours. This process changes the natural green color of the Rooibos leaves to a darker red hue and imparts a fuller taste to the tea, like how Chinese green tea becomes black tea after fermentation.

In contrast, the 'green' variety of Rooibos undergoes a different process. To preserve its natural green color and lighter flavor, the leaves are steamed immediately after harvest to prevent fermentation. This results in a tea that brews to a much lighter orange color and has a smoother, more delicate taste, somewhat akin to traditional green tea. Like red Rooibos, green Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free.

There are also differences in their health benefits. Preliminary studies suggest that green Rooibos may contain higher levels of antioxidants compared to the red variety. This is because some antioxidants can be lost during the fermentation process. Although less common, green Rooibos represents the most natural form of the plant, having undergone minimal processing beyond the steaming needed to halt fermentation.

Are your teas gluten-free?

Yes, all our teas are 100% gluten-free. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in cereals such as wheat, spelt, triticale, barley, oats, and rye, or their derivatives. We do not use any of these cereals or their derivatives in our processing, ensuring that there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Is there any caffeine in Tega Pure Green Rooibos?

The first question that we usually get is “Is this a mix of Rooibos and Green Tea?”, which we can assure you it is not. It is 100% Pure Unfermented Rooibos. When the plant grows naturally, it starts out as a green shrub and it only turns red during fermentation. Since the plant is naturally caffeine-free, both the Green and Red varieties of Rooibos have zero caffeine. Enjoy!

How does Tega Tea support Fairtrade?

Tega supports Fair Trade by paying a premium for our ingredients which we source from Fairtrade Certified suppliers. We also pay an additional 50 cents for every kilogram of Fairtrade tea that we sell annually. These funds go to supporting Fairtrade Canada and growing the Fairtrade Initiative.

Why are not all ingredients in your teas Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a rapidly growing movement and not all farms are certified for various reasons. Some ingredients such as Honeybush are wild-grown and as a result, do not come in a Fairtrade Certified variety. We always do our best to research when an ingredient becomes available from a reliable Fairtrade source.

Tega products are Organic Certified, but some use a Natural Flavor in the ingredients. Why is that?

This choice results from extensive product development and research, during which we test numerous variations of every ingredient. Each component in our blends is meticulously selected for its specific purpose and contribution to the overall flavor profile.

In our organic certified teas, any natural flavors used must comply with organic standards to maintain the certification. This ensures that even with the addition of natural flavors, our teas meet the rigorous criteria for organic certification, delivering both quality and adherence to organic practices.

I'm a vegetarian - does Tega Tea contain any ingredients of animal origin?

Tega tea blends (Multi ingredients – with flavors) are 100% vegetarian. No part of our blends is produced using components or ingredients that are derived from an animal origin. The Tega Tea brand, as well as our manufacturer, are both Certified Kosher, which means that natural flavorings used are certified free of meat and dairy.

Does Tega Tea contain any carbohydrates?

Our organic Rooibos tea does not contain any carbs. When you enjoy it, you also do not need to add any sweeteners as the tea is naturally (slightly) sweet. The sweetness is from non-sugar based flavones in the leaf. Thus it makes an exceptional drink for people who wish to avoid calories, carbs and sugars. The tea contains natural anti-oxidants, which help protect the body against premature aging and disease, and mineral nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium.

I am supposed to eliminate yeast from my diet. Can you tell me about your fermentation process?

When we say Rooibos tea is fermented, we mean that it is sun-dried. There is no yeast involved or produced. The green leaves are crushed and left in the sun to dry for 10 hours which turns them red. This is what gives the tea it’s full-bodied flavor. Rooibos tea has been found to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immune boosting properties.

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