Sencha Green Tea w. Japanese Matcha Organic Fairtrade 20ct

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      Our popular Tega Signature Green Tea has now been elevated to new heights!
      A favorite in the exquisite Eco-Luxury tea line, our Organic Green Tea with Japanese Matcha is a harmonious blend of opulence and sustainability. Crafted with the utmost care, this tea proudly carries a trifecta of certifications — Organic, Fairtrade, and Carbon Neutral - ensuring a guilt-free indulgence for both the palate and the planet.
      Our commitment to ethical sourcing and environmentally conscious practices is reflected not only in the exceptional quality of the tea leaves but also in the stunning packaging. Each box is a visual delight, showcasing the vibrant hues of the tea and transparently displaying the carefully curated organic ingredients within. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with a conscious choice that harmonizes luxury with responsibility.
      Tasting Notes: This unique blend offers a harmonious fusion of Sencha Green Tea's soft, smooth, and pleasant flavor, accentuated by the vibrant and distinctive notes of Japanese Matcha. The result is a delightful and balanced taste experience, where the Sencha imparts its subtle nuances, and the Matcha adds a touch of rich, earthy complexity. Expect a well-rounded cup with a silky texture, complemented by the invigorating essence of Japanese Matcha, creating a truly enjoyable and distinctive green tea experience
      20 Individually wrapped Sachets
      Low Caffeine 
      Zero Calories
      Vegan and Vegetarian 

      Compost Tea Bag, Tag and Envelope, Recycle Box
      Luxury Organic Ingredients:
      Sencha Green Tea, Japanese Matcha
      Fairtrade Certified
       by Fairtrade International.
      USDA Organic
      Packed in a Zero Carbon Facility TC/E/PR/165/36

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