Rooibos Espresso Organic

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      Elevate your espresso experience with Tega Organic Espresso Rooibos, an exceptional blend of extra fine Rooibos designed specifically for your espresso machine. Crafted to perfection, this Rooibos brews just like a traditional coffee espresso—robust, intense, and full-bodied, yet entirely caffeine-free.

      Picture this: a post-dinner indulgence, a healthy twist on your favorite espresso. Tega Organic Espresso Rooibos offers a guilt-free after-dinner delight, allowing you to savor the rich, bold flavors without the jolt of caffeine. For a touch of creamy perfection, add steamed milk and your favorite sweetener to create a heavenly concoction.

      Our Espresso Rooibos comes packaged in a resealable freshness bag, ensuring that every brew captures the essence of its premium quality. With each sip, you'll experience the deep, satisfying taste of Rooibos, all within the comforting ritual of an espresso.

      Discover the pleasure of a caffeine-free espresso that doesn't compromise on flavor. Tega Organic Espresso Rooibos is your invitation to a world of bold indulgence, conveniently resealable, and always ready to deliver a delightful after-dinner experience.

      Espresso Rooibos

        Size  65g / 2.29oz   250g / 8.82oz
       Western Cape, South Africa
       Naturally Caffeine Free
       Organic Rooibos Extra Fine
        Brewing Time  1 min
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